What Is AVM

AVM is a term used to describe service that provide real estate property value by using advance statistical and mathematical machine learning model. It uses land transaction data and characteristics of property data e.g., land, highways, visibility and amenities to arrive at an estimate property value.

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  • Fast and easy access of land property
  • Easy to overview the property characteristics
  • Save time and cost for both lender and consumer
  • Results are based on past transaction and property characteristics
  • Accurate and consistent property valuation
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How AVM In Estater Meter Estimate Property Price

  • In Estater meter, AVM use statistical and mathematical model to predict the current market value of respective property.
  • Our research team analyses the data, check property in different geographics area and identifying and examine the relationship between property rate and attribute characteristics.
  • Based on these relationships and identified pattern our team develop a statistical model and improve the accuracy level to estimate the property’s current market value.
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  • Provides real time market value estimation of a property subjected to various feature e.g., Corner, Visibility, Amenities...Etc.
  • ​​Minimizes the need to personally inspect and scrutinize each property ​
  • Estimating considerably different pricing according to the land property​
  • In AVM Individual characteristics of each property separately priced, to control for differences across land attributes, proximity to amenities, roads category and past transactions data​
  • Separately show the price of land property with respective of district and block.​
  • Provide information about nearby amenities.​
  • Provides nearby geographical locations characteristics.​
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Objective of AVM Exercise

  • Minimize the threat of a crisis in the financial and economic sector​ Decision-making algorithm​
  • Decision-making algorithm​
    • 1. For credit decision purposes
    • 2. For the recognition of invalid ssessments/Transaction​
  • Compare and estimate the values of similar real estate properties at the same point in time.
  • To select a property for valuation.
  • To evaluate the property supported desired attributes
  • From a cluster of properties, identify comparable properties for valuation.​
  • Property valuation based on required characteristics/attribute such as Highway, Amenities, Area, Visibility, Corner…etc.​
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Our AVM Users

Mortage Services
Government Agencies
Valuators / Appraisers​
Lending Institutions​
Real Estate Agencies/Realtors​
Investment Professionals​
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